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ACOBA - EC Projects

We appreciate the generous donations from Anandians and supporters in the US for making these projects and events possible.



Annual Book Donation Campaign

The education development subcommittee of ACOBA handles this project to donate books, stationery, a backpack, a pair of shoes, etc. to about 160 underprivileged students of all grades at Ananda. ACOBA-EC contributes $1,500 to this project annually.

Feb 2023


Feb 2022

Appreciating the non-teaching staff

To alleviate economic hardships following the COVID-19 pandemic in Sri Lanka, ACOBA-EC provided dry-ration parcels to all 100 non-teaching staff at Ananda (Sep 2022). This was conducted in coordination with Brigadier P.C.L. Gunawardena and the Old Anandians’ Centenary Group in Sri Lanka.

Science Building Renovation

ACOBA-EC raised Rs. 1 million towards the renovation of the legendary Science Building, which housed classrooms and laboratories that paved the way for thousands of students who became successful professionals worldwide. This revered building is also being used as a center for educating outstation students during weekends and has successfully conducted many lessons and training sessions in science and technology for students from remote parts of Sri Lanka. The building and the laboratories were in dire need of renovation, and our donation is being used to achieve a part of this cause. Funds amounting to $2,800 were handed over by Dr. Rupasiri Fernando, Secretary, ACOBA-EC, and Mr. Kheminda Jayawardena, during a ceremony attended by the Secretary to the Ministry of Defense, General Kamal Gunaratne, who is the President of the Old Anandians' Professional Forum. They also met with the Principal of Ananda, Mr. Lal Dissanayake (Dec 2022).

Science Building Renovation – update: The renovation is progressing well. Photos taken in Jan 2024 are shown below.


Helping Sri Lanka in a Time of Need

During the Covid crisis in 2021, ACOBA-EC donated 4 ICU beds worth $2000 to the Sri Lanka Army, who later transferred them to hospitals that had appealed for help.

During the time of financial crisis in 2022, ACOBA-EC donated Rs. 500,000 worth of dry rations to help 125 families in Sri Lanka, in coordination with the Sri Lanka army under the guidance of General Shavendra Silva. Funding for this project was provided by the net proceeds of the 2022 East Coast Cricket Festival.

The first part of the distribution was to 25 janitorial staff members of the Sri Lanka Light Infantry Regiment, Panagoda, and was attended by one of our founding members, Major General Asoka Jayawardena (Aug 2022).

The remaining parcels were distributed to 100 underprivileged families in a remote village in Anuradhapura. The event was held at Anuradhapura Maha Ehatuwewa Vidyalaya (Oct 2022).

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