About ACOBA - EC 


Ananda College Colombo is the Premier Buddhist boys school in Sri Lanka with a current student population of over 5000 from kindergarten to GCE Advanced level.

   An educational organisation called the Buddhist Theosophical Society was formed in Sri Lanka under the leadership of Colonel Henry Steele Olcott who was a founder member of the Theosophical Society of New York. The Buddhist Theosophical Society (BTS) opened a number of schools in different parts of the country for the higher education of Buddhist children. In the year 1886 the first of those schools was opened on a modest scale with 37 students in a private house in Colombo. Later this school was named Ananda College after Arahant Ananda, the most devoted disciple of the Buddha. Since then Ananda has had a proud tradition of producing students who have served not only Sri Lanka but other countries in the World with distinction.


Ananda College Old Boys' Association of East Coast USA was established to bring the old Anandians together and help mother Ananada and celebrate various school events.